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Nobody can have too many beautiful things around them and our range of homewares make perfect presents for houseproud couples

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Our homes are our havens and one of the only spaces which we can tailor to suit our individual tastes and interests and reflect our personalities. Each item in a home is an expression of our own character and you can never have too much to help display this in your own unique style.

Whether your shopping for newlyweds or proud new homeowners, or simply those who always like to add a flourish to their own home, our collection of timeless items make perfect gifts for couples, adding a touch of style and humour at the same time.

There’ll be no more arguments about who is on whose side of the bed with a stylish Mr and Mrs – or Mr and Mr – pillowcase set which comes in black or beige. And the union pillowcase set is a beautifully romantic gift to mark a special occasion or just represent two people’s love for each other with two halves of the heart becoming whole in a beautifully creative design.

For newlyweds, the Just Married pillowcases are the perfect pressie, and in a fun take on the tradition, the Still Married and Barely Married accompanying sets are a cheeky glimpse into the future or a fun poke at parents or those who have been putting up with each other for a while!

Despite being used for more mundane tasks, tea towels and shopping bags need not be boring and are the perfect platform to display a message with a range of fun slogans and eye-catching patterns in our collection perfect for adding a touch of glamour to the washing up or grocery shopping.

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