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Karting & Wild Drives

Any adrenaline junky will love the chance to try their hand at one of these driving experience, whether it's indoor or outdoor go karting or something even wilder

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About Karting & Wild Drives

If you like your driving experiences fast, wild or even wacky then we have something for you. Our selection of Karting & Wild Drives offers the perfect way for couples or twosomes to enjoy life in the fast lane, burn some rubber and soak up some fast-paced action in unique style.

Karting is how many of the world’s top racing drivers cut their teeth and you can follow in their tyre tracks by sampling this adrenalin-fuelled pursuit at indoor and outdoor courses around the country for a real taste of the big race atmosphere.

For the thrill of racing at its rawest, stock car racing boasts fun, speed and unparalleled excitement and with our Stock Car Racing Experiences for Two, you will both be enjoying all the bumps, thrills and spills of the pro racers as you learn how to tackle the demanding oval track in a whole range of rugged vehicles.

If you would like to turn the speed up a notch, then Radical Race Passenger Rides offer the chance to experience the exhilarating pace of a professional driver hurtling along the track in a record-breaking Radical SR3 sports car at speeds of up to 155mph.
Or perhaps you would like to get behind the wheel of a true motoring icon as you crush everything in your wake in an awesome American Monster Truck, or enjoy the thrill of powering along in an armoured tank, without having to sign up for military service first.

Hopping on board your own Segway is a quirky way to explore your surroundings, while there is no shortage of unique vehicles at your disposal ranging from a desk on wheels to a motorised bed with a World’s Wackiest Racers Experience for Two.

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