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Ballooning & Flying

There is nothing like looking down on the countryside to give anyone a perspective on the world, and a ballooning or flying experience is the perfect way to enjoy a truly amazing experience

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About Ballooning & Flying

Soaring high through the air and gazing down on the world below is an incredible experience like no other. Ballooning & Flying experience days offer the chance for two of you to do just that, revelling in the freedom of the skies and the pure exhilaration of controlling your own plane or glider, enjoying a flight in a helicopter or floating gently over some of the country’s most stunning scenery in a hot air balloon.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying your own aircraft but haven’t got round to the years of training for your own pilot’s licence you can still get a taste of what it is like with a 30 Minute Flying Lesson for Two, enjoying full briefings before you are both taken up in the air by your instructor who shows you some basic manouevres before letting you take the controls for your own turn.

If you like to travel in unique style then a Microlight Flight Experience will give you the chance to enjoy the rush of flight with the wind in your hair, as well as being able to take control mid-air yourself.

For admirers of classic engineering and stunning scenery, then a Vintage Flight Over London for Two in a classic 1930s aeroplane is perfect for soaking up the surroundings of historic London. Other exhilarating aircrafts at your disposal for more unforgettable flying experiences include helicopters and aerobatic stunt planes, while a champagne sunrise hot air balloon flight is one of the most romantic ways for two of you to take to the skies.

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Fact 1: Hot air balloons were discovered in France in 1783.

Fact 2: The very first balloon flight soared two men over Paris for 5.5 miles and stayed airborne for 23 minutes.

Fact 3: Balloons have been important in science as they have helped us study the weather and the atmosphere.

Fact 4: Balloon pilots need a commercial pilot's license (fixed-wing). They must have at least 35 hours of flight instruction, attend ground school for basic aviation training, pass a written test for hot-air balloons and have a flight check from a Federal Aviation Administration official.

Fact 5:
According to the FAA, balloons must meet air-traffic control requirements if they are in a controlled air-space, and pilots must have radio contact with controllers.

Interesting Facts
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